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Fast casual brands require a new recipe in order to reap the benefits of the culinary revolution. Our vision is to work with the best brands and convert old generation kitchens to cross-utilize space, supply chain, labour and tech. We work directly with each brand represented on our platform, through individual license agreements, in order to protect and preserve their uniqueness and marketability.

Our brand catalogue is expanding and we envision a free marketplace for culinary entrepreneurs to make their vision a reality. Noahs is not a product, the brands are. Our mission is to be the go-to place for brand expansion and becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration about what's possible for the many struggling restaurants, across the planet.

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The phenomena that is "Cross Concept" simply offers customers the ability to order between a variety of different brands on one single order.


Kitchens offering Cross Concept menus are built differently than traditional restaurants.

Very often, in almost all restaurant concepts, 90% of sales are from only 20% of the menu.

What if you were able to reduce your menu items by 80% to the top 20% best selling items and settle on the marginally lower income? How much could you streamline the business?

The main benefit is the extensive margin of labour costs saved. Workflow, preparation, purchasing, stock rotation, menu appeal and order handling will be impacted profoundly too.


And, to make things interesting, what if you added completely different concepts, with the same method of streamlining your offering, and multiply total sales with 2x, 5x or even 8x the amount traditionally possible?

Wouldn't we have a relatively simple, yet highly efficient restaurant business?

Noahs introduces brands that have built their menu's specifically for cross concept collaboration to work both in favour of the restaurateur and the customer. 

The restaurateur gets a major boost in sales and relies on a range of powerful proven concepts, instead of just one. 

The customer gets to order across mulitple top-quality brands, at a great price, on the same order. 

It's unwise to ignore this development in food delivery and sticking to the original methods; it most likely won't make sense in the near future.



The future won't have 6000 people making "homemade" top quality Curry Dressing's on their own premises. Basically, as a restaurant owner you need to be very particular with your labour expenses and by that, it is important to factor in the time it takes to prepare fresh food.


Hooking up with powerful centralized supply chain systems to outsource your signature recipes will be a standardized option, as new production kitchens are rolling out in order to satisfy this emerging need.

Noahs works closely with businesses and entrepreneurs who envision a supply chain synergy that meets a demand for truly high-quality food production. Small local premium quality brands will be able to bloom into national chains and beyond, from the power of outsourced supply. 

It's not just the reduced cost of labour. Restaurants relying on a functional supply chain ensure a criticially important insurance in consistency, which is usually a detrimental resource required for a successful expansion.

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It's about time we say it like it is, to be the best in the fast casual food sector, we need the tech. The current situation requires us to merge with the tech sector and adapt to new measures of efficiency.

With next generation food delivery technology, we are able to streamline operations workflow with cutting edge functionality.

But aren't we selling out and joining the wrong side? What kind of chef would want to run a tech company, if they really loved their craft?


This is a lot less about what we want and a lot more about listening to the demand that is crystal clear. Convenience and price is leading the way and the consumers are not in alignment with the opinions of those who oppose the tech. Fast casual isn't about defining the culinary experience or standards, but rather a quick and convenient meal at a good price. 


We've settled in on the booming demand of food delivery, fast casual dine-in and curb side pick-up; all available trading channels through close collaboration with the aggregators and online merchants. This is what is known as the "Omnichannel". We have envisioned a model where the hefty commissions provide us with services that enable us to rely on them, in order to focus on what we're good at.

Gone are the days with native ordering platforms, constant website issues, making cringe click-bait marketing on social media, spending time on customer service and attempting to control a logistical nightmare, day in and day out.


At Noahs, the orders pop into our dedicated work stations at the minute the customer clicks "Order now", and we are already cooking before the competition has realized an order is on the way. We maintain industry leading preparation time, top quality food offerings and market leading prices.


We love to work with the platforms, but the platforms love to work with us even more, as we are a concrete solution to reaching their growth goals and minimize their cost per order.



A booming logistics industry with an astonishing level of technological advancements has created sentiment for a global gold rush. Entities of all kinds, both private and public, are jumping on a never before seen explosion of potential, each large institution after the other catching the waves without restraint. ​

The logistics industry is so tied up in it's need to satisfy growth that it is forced to integrate more vertically, into the actual consumer space. This is partly because of the grossly misconceived level of competence in local restaurant operations. Adaptation is simply going too slow and restaurateurs are aprenshive to jump onto the bandwagon willingly.

Paradoxically, despite the surging demand, the pressure mounting on logistics companies are pushing them to take more risk. Suburbs and smaller cities will be key to meeting growth goals. Their reliance on solutions like Noahs is unquestionable.


There is a world wide transformation underway and we recommend you ride those waves. A whole new era of restaurants are about to take the stage and they're working on it as we speak. 

At Noahs we are clear and honest about our position in this phase, with both the aggregators, brands and customers.


We are taking a deliberate choice to surf their waves and draw benefits from the intensive momentum they are building.


We understand the animosity towards the demise of what we know. We acknowledge the negative perspective on what is happening to our culinary traditions. Our choice is to look forward and to believe that we can utilize and share our methods to participate in great culinary advances and a whole new level of creativity. 


We are open to work with all aggregators and have no interest in selling exclusivity. We aim to give our brands the option to serve their customers' free choice.

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What's going to happen?

Well first off, a positive, perhaps slightly naive and wishful mindset is going to be required!

We believe the future will be in stark contrast to the past, in the ways of unrest, increased control and turmoil. 

We also believe that these great societal challenges were inevitable and transformation has been a long time coming.

We choose to look for the bright spots and emphasize the potential of the great waves ahead. We commit to a stoic way of looking at the future. 

In China you've been able to rely on logistical tech solutions we see today in the west for over a decade. The Chinese mentality is a lot more open minded to change and adapting to what works as they are less "set in their ways". They've given us a clue at what to expect and it's nothing less than a full blown transformation across all industries. None will remain unaffected. 

Fleets of self driving cars, drone highways and a whole new level of agriculture, production, distribution and consumer-serviced technologies will shake the world in the years to come. 

Restaurateurs needs to be ever more vigilant and awake to learn about the many new aspects of doing business. 

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