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The legendary award winning baker from Italy, with almost 40 years of hardcore artisan baking, which has enabled unique and unbelievable product development.


Paolo is in the heart and soul of the Enterprise with his artisan craft and is extremely dedicated in his efforts to construct a regional bakery powerhouse.



The new generation of the food and beverage industry is a unique opportunity for redefining the culinary landscape around us.


Carl’s secret ability to take culinary art and make it simple, is by far the most significant reason for such a marvellous sandwich to be available, on such a wide range of environments.


Carl doesn’t know what limits are and when you tell him about them, you get to see why they weren’t.



Raj is a participant in Lucky 13 Sandwich’s own internal university. Raj is one of our most ambitious and talented technical engineers. His focus on our operational software and reports management is changing the game with instant clarity.


Raj’s future will involve development of completely new culinary industry technology for performance reports.


The digitisation of the world turned the F&B industry up-side down. It disabled the commercial giants from adapting in due time. Now, a whole new generation of culinary enterprises are sprouting like never before, precisely due to timely and wise technological application.



Emily leads our operations in region south Thailand, currently overlooking 10 Franchises in Phuket and Phi Phi island. Her role is to ensure that every Franchise is running at its most optimal performance, at all times.


With an iron will and determination for career development, she will be changing the landscape for many recruited colleagues and Franchise partners in the future.


Emily has also been a key part in the formation of our university and her contributions have been absolutely instrumental in our ability to scale our franchise operations.



The question often roams about how we expand internationally.

It starts with Danny. He is the man with a hand in every department, mapping and creatively designing a modern digitalised Franchise Manual.


With his unique ideas and determination, he is the organiser of the teams efforts to make a new generation career platform. A Franchise model with a relevant modern impact on culinary education.


Danny is inherently involved with the creation and decisions of the enterprise expansion models we use today. His hard work is the cornerstone of scalability.



The Co-Founder and Project Manager of now 10+ restaurants over the past 8 years. Mark has achieved a unique experience in a very niche type of architecture.


The source of the Sandwiches is it’s outlet, this means his continued architectural development and understanding of the Franchise operations and product offering has made him the square meter engineer of our venue designs.


The way we build our restaurants is going to be constantly adapting to the journey of our Sandwich Enterprise. Mark will be changing the way we eat by thinking and building differently.



With every branded element of our enterprise, Toon is having to perform what could be referred to as a literal face recognition of each aspect of our brand and trademark use.


Toon has the responsibility for visual representation of the brand identity and is authorised to take key design decisions.


With a complex mind of infinite artistic intelligence, Toon is a legend among us and we are fortunate to be in this day and age, to experience the art from his creative visions.



A pioneer in fashion and a taste for big dreams. A leader by nature, one that drives his team forward with a powerful source of inspiration and creative energy. Pry has the mission of leading our creative department through the important phases of our expansion.


Marketing is not a department in Lucky 13 Sandwich, it’s a lifestyle!



With a battle plan in process to access 3 new regions within 2021, our efforts to remain flexible to accommodate a variety of Franchise models also means a very intense culinary understanding.

Opening a pop-up shop as an extension to a bar, an entertainment venue that collaborates across platforms or a Hotel with F&B support. Robert ensures the simplicity of Lucky 13 Sandwich remains intact, but the compatibility and development of new ideas are met with a fair share of ambition.

Lucky 13 Sandwich is a constantly developing enterprise and so it should be! 



Region South Thailand

With a dynamic team structure and constant culinary development, the regional performance standards are always challenged.


David is constantly refining the Franchise operations system with his attention to practical operations. He’s the man in the field, always ensuring our food and service standards are kept at their highest.


His positive energy and great spirit have made him gain a powerful relationship with the rest of the University teachers.



Region South Thailand

The progressive role of a Master Franchisor is the perfect fit for Diego. He has an eye for project management and business that puts him in the perfect environment. He is the recruiter of Franchisees. The man that holds the keys to license rights and decides where to set up new branches. 


With an ambitious quest of opening 5 branches in 2020, he has his eye on malls, airports, beach locations, hotels and nightclubs across the region of South Thailand.


Diego plans on taking Lucky 13 Sandwich to Krabi, Koh Samui, Khao Lak, Hua Hin and more within 2021. 



Region South Thailand

With much of the production being carried out by Lucky 13 Groups' own central kitchen and bakery supply chain, the communication is critical and a lot of coordination must take place on a daily basis. Luckily P'Noo has a tremendous capacity to face impossible challenges on a daily basis and succeed. 

Noo's contribution on our chain wide distributional structure has been essential to get the much needed foundation for large scale expansion.



Oil was with us from the 1st Lucky 13 Sandwich branch and has been an integral part of every single new branch opening since. 


Not a single branch has opened without her committed presence. 


The positive energy and can-do attitude has made her gain an essential position within the Franchise operations team. Oil has taught more new "recruits" about the fundamentals of Lucky 13 Sandwich, than any other person.

Oil has also been a rock solid collaborator in our Central Kitchen's development and consistently provides great insights from her massive experience on the front line.



Mo's visionary work on our creative department and marketing speaks for itself. His passion for premium content production and deep insights into modern technical application makes him an excellent story teller.


Mo's holy task is telling our story about the battle against the old generation culinary dinosaurs and how the younger generation reclaim their rights to make a difference. 

Who knows what content will look like on the future of our social platforms? Mo will be the guy to answer that question!



Kay maintains our brand representation through the media platforms and is constantly learning of the latest moves in content production technology and media trends. 

The modern world of media has been changing peoples habit so fast and so intensive that every industry has been completely transformed. It is Kay that keeps our media sharp and fresh with content. 

Front & Por


With a huge task of putting a lid on the bureaucratic mess of the old generation, Front and Por are committed to educating our partners in the process of basic legal planning, visas, work permits, company formations, licenses, insurance and financial reports.


With our cloud based operating systems, the job is to look forward, not backwards. This is why the Lucky 13 Group is more empowering for Front and Por to work with. They see their chance to join the movement and build a more functional structure for the future.



With Lucky 13 Sandwich, Peter has been able to successfully apply his extensive expertise and experience for a healthy growth structure. The Enterprise is blessed with Peters perspectives, revolutionary thinking and sheer speed in making things happen.  A rock solid advisor in all strategic decision making.


Peter has several successful businesses in Denmark, including a 3rd generation family enterprise. Peter is involved in the International Expansion strategy and actively generating international momentum for our platform going abroad in 2021.



A new generation Enterprise design is the heart and soul of the company vision.


As the expansion proceeds, constant adaptation of strategies and negotiations will be critical to ensure a flexible resource distribution model.


Daniel has a pro-active strategy of working with only the most dedicated entrepreneurs, who will assist in the constructive expansion of our vision. A commitment of principle that Daniel has stood by since co-founding the company in 2012 with Mark.

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