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The Multi Brand Revolution

Fast casual brands require a new recipe
in order to reap the benefits of the
new food economy.


Noahs work with pioneering brands and convert old generation kitchens to cross-utilize space, supply chain, labour and tech.

Each brand represented on our platform preserve their uniqueness and marketability through individual license agreements.

"Cross Concept" simply offers
customers the ability to order
between a variety of different
brands on one single order made from one kitchen.

Very often, 90% of a restaurants'
sales are from only 20% of
the menu. Therefore we feature only the most popular and best selling items from each brand. This enable space for more popular dishes from other individual brands to fit within our kitchen spaces and reach a wider audience.

Noahs La Taqueria Order Food

Multi-brand kitchens provide a revolutionizing product-offering and menu appeal. It has great benefits to kitchen workflow with access to more predictable centralized food preparation, procurement, stock management. We maintain industry leading preparation time, top quality food offerings and market leading prices.

Convenience and price is leading the way and consumer demand is not in alignment with the opinions of those who oppose the trends. Fast casual food isn't about defining the culinary landscape, but rather a quick and convenient meal at a good price.

The restaurateur gets a major
boost in sales and relies on a
range of powerful proven
concepts, instead of just one.


The customer gets to order
across multiple top-quality
brands, at a great price, on the
same order.



The next step in fast casual food enterprise

Ghost kitchens, Virtual kitchens and Cloud kitchens has been all the rage for the
past few years, and thrown the traditional restaurant under the bus due to the
revolutionizing advances in operational efficiency.

However, a traditional restaurant applying the advantages of the ghost kitchen technology and simplified customer service
aspect, could remain absolutely competitive.


We call it the "Smart Kitchen" and it's the next logical step for the industry, It will lead the restaurant into the new generation.


Smart kitchens enable restaurateurs to lean into high volume sales through online merchants and accommodate this high demand with efficient workflow structures and concept-adaptations unlike anything previously imagined. In the future, restaurants must adapt to the constantly changing customer demand, which is exactly what a white label "smart kitchen" like Noahs can.


Noahs is as much a technology company as it is a fast-casual food franchise. We're operating a cutting edge technology platform enabled by some of the worlds leading industry experts in their respective fields and added them all together into one smooth "smart-kitchen-solution" that is able to scale at ease.

Smart kitchens offer a new level of efficiency, profitability, quality control, speed and scalability that hasn't been possible before.


The Digitalisation of food

A booming logistics industry with an astonishing level of technological advancements has created sentiment for a global gold rush. Entities of all kinds, both private and public, are jumping on a never before seen explosion of potential, each large institution after the other catching the waves without restraint.

The food and beverage industry is going through the same revolution as the automotive industry with the electric vehicle replacing the combustion engine. The changes are happening at a dizzying pace across the industry on a global scale.


In the past 10 years we've seen the travel industry being dominated by booking sites, we've seen ride hailing apps replace traditional taxis. We now see the entire food sector going digital.

The aggregator economy is so tied up in it's need to satisfy growth that it is forced to integrate more vertically, into the actual consumer space. The aggregators have one thing in common; they've grossly misconceived the lack of competence in local restaurant operations. So relying on them to increase or even maintain market share, with so many players in the game will be short lived.

Adaptation is simply going too slow and
restaurateurs are apprehensive to jump onto the bandwagon willingly. Paradoxically, despite the surging demand, the pressure mounting on logistics companies are pushing them to take more risk.


Suburbs and smaller cities will be key to meeting growth goals. Their reliance on solutions like Noahs is unquestionable. We are taking a deliberate choice to surf their waves and draw benefits from the intensive momentum they are building.

We love to work with the aggregators, but they love to work with us even more, as we are a concrete solution to reaching their
growth goals and minimize their cost per order.

The restaurants of the future needs to be faster, more efficient, reliable, streamlined and cooperative with the logistics procedures, so they can offer timely deliveries to more people and expand their market segment. It will be a lifeline for restaurants to integrate with the ever growing list of outsourced sales channels and merchants making themselves available.

The restaurants of today despise the aggregators for their hefty commission fees.
Most have given up completely and decided to pursue in-house or native web-services to avoid these fees, only to find that it is impossible to manage and stay competitive. Many has been trying to fight these aggregators as they experience the severe repercussions of their arrival.

Fighting the trends of the new food economy however, does not place the restaurant in a better position by any stretch of imagination, as the billion dollar industry is ramming onwards, as we speak.

We seek to bridge the gap by re-constructing the restaurant economics with the conditions brought along by the aggregators, offering a vital solution to the industry's long term problem. With the dedication to consistent and quick preparation of meals at a good price, with many brands from a single place, alongside cross concept functionality. We have found a way to sustain profits and the aggregators have found their perfect match to proceed with the transformation they've been promising.

The aggregators welcome our smart kitchens with open arms and provide us with great incentives including state of the art logistical solutions, customer service, data sharing, marketing incentives and driver dedication.


We couldn't wish for a better position to be in, as a business and the aggregator warfare is still just getting started.

Phase 2 Presentation - Frame 85.jpg


Leaning into demand

Noahs will be located in collaborative settings that welcome and relish our presence. We seek to lean into demand and strategically benefit from captured market demographics. 

The hefty aggregator commissions gets significantly more tolerable when it remains only part of our trade volume. Our ambition is to encourage pick-up and dine-in solutions for our Franchisees to retain a better profit margin. This is much easier done in places with dual purposes.

Smart Kitchens as per our definition, is seeking to locate within collaborative venues, with direct access to the customers. This is where the aggregator trade becomes a favorable addition.

Noahs is working hard to establish close relationships with larger institutional enterprises with an exiting need to transform and adapt into this new generation and who can benefit from a Smart Kitchen in a number of ways.

Pictures of Models:

  • Meny

  • Dark Kitchens

  • ISS

  • Circle K

  • Lalandia

  • Hotels

  • Madkassen by Hungry



When ends meet


  • 40% Ebidta

  • 30% labour and facility

  • 20% COS 10% Supply Chain

How a traditional pie chart looks

10% Ebitda

60% Labour and Facility

20% COS 10% Supply Chain

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